Organic virgin coconut oil infused with organic hibiscus flowers and organic cranberry powder, scented with jasmine absolute and pink grapefruit essential oil make a 100% natural, 99.9% organic moisturizer for anytime. It is especially good for protecting your skin from the damage caused by sun and pollutants. Hibiscus and cranberry are both very high in anti-oxidants which protect your skin from free radicals which contribute to cancer and other diseases. This decreases the skin's signs of aging and environmental damage. Wear it while swimming in chemically disinfected pools. It provides a protective barrier and the chemical-laden water just beads up and rolls off the skin. And the smell is absolutely divine!

This oil is solid at temperatures below 76o farenheit but quickly liquifies 

when the bottle is placed in some warm water or a sunny window.
*Not a sunscreen


Ingredients: Organic Virgin Coconut oil (cocos nucifera),  Organic Hibiscus flower (hibiscus sabdariffa),Organic Cranberry powder (vaccinium macrocarpon),

 Jasmine Sambac absolute diluted in fractionated coconut oil,pink grapefruit essential oil





Sun& Swim Oil (Old formula)

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