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This highly versatile activated charcoal mask with potent clays deeply cleanses and purifies skin.
However you choose to use Black Magick, you will see a difference in your skin's clarity, texture, and overall health.


Black Magick

  • Rhassoul Clay, Rose Clay, Fuller’s Earth Clay, Activated Charcoal, Turmeric, Cranberry Powder, Sandalwood Essential Oil

  • Pour about 1 tablespoon into hand or tiny bowl. Add water or your liquid of choice (ReNewal Toner is a favorite) to customize this deeply penetrating mask to your skin's needs. Add liquid a few drops at a time to create a clay texture and apply to clean face. Leave on to dry atleast 15 minutes. Rinse and follow with ReNewal Toner and moisturizer or serum of choice.
    You can add a little bit to any of our other dry scrubs, masks, or polishes to create a more deeply cleansing product.


    *In order to provide the purest product possible, this is an unpreserved product. As long as no moisture is introduced into the jar, no preservative is needed. Please take care to use clean, dry hands when using this product and store it with the lid tightly closed to prevent moisture from getting into the product. Pour out into hand or mixing container and then add liquid.
    This is also a highly effective spot treatment, when left on over night.

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