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A special blend of herbs and essential oils infused into a base of olive and coconut oils, absorb and penetrate deeply into sore, tight, or injured muscles.
*This is one of our top sellers! Our customers keep coming back for more!

Muscle & Joint Rub

  • Infusion [Olive Oil* (olea europaea), Coconut Oil* (cocos nucifera), Arnica Flower*(arnica montana), Cayenne Powder* (capsicum anuum), Peppermint Leaves* (menthat piperita),  White Willow Bark* (salix alba), Turmeric Root* (curcuma longa), Ginger Root* (zingiber officinale), rosemary oleoresin extract, Natural aromatics


  • Massage into affected area.
    Do not touch face or eyes before washing hands.

    Do not apply to broken skin.

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